Marilyn Martin is the owner and CEO, she has been doing bookkeeping for t he past 20 years, and opened Accurate Accounts in 2007.  Marilyn works with clients to determine what they need from a bookkeeper, what their budget is, and designs a plan that best works for them. As their needs change, so does their plan. Marilyn and everyone at Accurate Accounts put the client first. We want to build life long relationships with our clients, not just do their bookkeeping, and taxes.

Accurate Accounts was founded on the idea that people should not have to pay high prices for their bookkeeping and taxes to be prepared.

 Clients should be getting what they expect when coming to a professional,  people hire a professional because they have the expertise and knowledge that they themselves do not feel they have.

Our Mission

Our Expertise, Your Freedom
Our mission is to help our clients prosper by providing them with a wide array of professional business and individual services, products and solutions to empower them with their finances and, to remain compliant with tax and employment rules and regulation. We endeavor to provide superior client services and build long term client relationships.